New Team Yankee Firestorm: Stripes Campaign Live NOW!

March 2, 2018 by crew

The new Team Yankee Campaign, Firestorm: Stripes is now live, working alongside Battlefront.

New Team Yankee Firestorm: Stripes Campaign Live NOW!

Join The Fight - Firestorm: Stripes Campaign

Stripes will continue from where Firestorm: Red Thunder left off as the Americans get a whole host of new toys. The other factions aren't left out either after loads of updates in the past few months. Here's what Battlefront had to say...

"Last year we ran our successful Firestorm: Red Thunder campaign where we played out the first phases of the Soviet invasion of Western Europe. Red Thunder was always planned to be the first instalment of the campaign and now we are preparing for the NATO counterattack with Firestorm: Stripes.

European forces have been marshalling their troops and rallying their reserves, whilst the US troops have received a massive influx of new units. The NATO forces are almost ready to strike back and push the Soviets from West Germany."

What Happens During A Campaign?

New Team Yankee Firestorm: Stripes Campaign Live NOW!

You will be able to get involved with your Team Yankee forces and then pledge yourself to a faction. From that point on you'll be able to do all manner of things including...

  • Post & Update Battle Reports - Become a commander and war reporter at the same time, reporting on your battles.
  • Claim Achievements - Compete for valour and prestige as you unlock achievements and show your colours.
  • Participate In Community Discussions - Work alongside other generals to formulate battle plans in your own forums.
  • Play At Local Stores & Clubs - Play in your local area and pick up Campaign Kits from Battlefront to help track your progress.

As well as that you'll be able to follow the unfolding events as the Battlefront team keep you up-to-date with the developing campaign with news stories and community updates. If you want to see how this all looks when a campaign is finished, check out Firestorm: Red Thunder and it might also help you get to grips with what's happened already.

How To Get Involved

Make sure to share the news on social media and get your friends involved, and see if you can forge a new narrative for Team Yankee going forward.

You can also talk to Battlefront about getting your hands on Campaign Kits either by contacting [email protected] or [email protected].

Be Prepared With A New Army

There are some new armies that you can pick up from the Team Yankee Webstore. Maybe the new American forces are what caught your eye? In which case, there are two ace choices for you with...

Ryan's Leathernecks

Ryan's Leathernecks

Bannon's Boys

Bannon's Boys

Don't forget to also pick up the new Stripes book which comes with updated formations, army details and upgrades for your American forces. You won't let those Soviets roll their tanks over you!


"Stripes is our second book to expand on the forces that came with original Team Yankeerulebook. The book covers the US forces in Germany in August 1985, more specifically the 1st Armored Division, 82nd Airborne Division, and the 2nd Marine Division. Stripessubstantially expands on the forces available to the US Team Yankee player, as well as adding a bunch extra options for those who haven’t been tempted by the Americans yet."

Will you be taking part and if so whose side are you going to be fighting on?

Let us know below...

"Will you be taking part and if so whose side are you going to be fighting on?"

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