Stripes Pre-Orders Kick Off For Team Yankee

November 2, 2017 by brennon

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If you're looking to expand on your Team Yankee experience then Battlefront is on the case with Stripes which expands the US forces that are getting involved in conflicts across the world in this Cold War Gone Hot.


Bringing new forces into the mix as well as updated rules for your forces on the tabletop this does for the US what the pre-existing book did for the Soviets from the same period.

One of the big releases for Stripes is the HammerFall Box which gives you an introduction into the world of Team Yankee and gives you a few tanks to face off against each other with.


As well as giving you the core rulebook you'll also get an introductory book which guides you through what to expect with Team Yankee and give you a good indication of the game mechanics.

New Pre-Orders

As well as the main HammerFall box there are also plenty of other options for those who are already indoctrinated into Team Yankee. A new set, Ryan's Leathernecks, gives you a whole host of different vehicles - most of which are fast, enabling you to strike the enemy before they know what has hit them.

Ryan's Leathernecks

In addition to that set, you can look forward to the Huey Helicopter Platoon...

Huey Helicopter Platoon

...HMMWV Platoon and even the mighty Abrams Tank Platoon.

HMMWV Platoon

Abrams Tank Platoon

There's more for you to check out as well but you can see that over on their Pre-Order Page where you can also check when each of the new plastic sets is going to be available.

Make sure to delve in and let us know what you're looking forward to from this new set of releases.

Are the Americans for you?

"...most of which are fast, enabling you to strike the enemy before they know what has hit them"

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