The United Kingdom Rumble Into Team Yankee This Weekend

October 4, 2016 by brennon

Team Yankee will be welcoming the United Kingdom to its battlefields this weekend with the release of Iron Maiden, the new sourcebook, and a new Starter Force too. Will you be commanding Charlie's Chieftains from Battlefront?

Iron Maiden Book

The main set for the British gets you five Chieftain Tanks alongside two Lynx Helicopters as well as all the bits and pieces you need to make them look perfect for the period.

Charlie's Chieftains

However, it won't be long until you'll have access to much more from the British throughout October, November and into December too.

Armoured Reinforcement

There's quite the array of different vehicles on offer, all of which can be seen on their webstore, but we're going to focus in on some of our favourites. Here for example, we have the Chieftain Armoured Troop which will drop in five more tanks for you to play around with.

Chieftain Armoured Troop

It's hard not to like the look of the Chieftain; it's the kind of tank that looks like it means business and doesn't look like it's suffered from any weird design choices!

Following on from them we have the Abbot Field Battery which will be offering you some long range support with those howitzers.

Abbot Field Battery

If you like the look of these smaller vehicles to help bolster the driving force that is your tanks then you can also pick up a Scorpion/Scimitar Troop soon too to supplement your big Chieftains.

Scorpion Or Scimitar Troop

The designs for most of the British army hit the spot for me. They also start to wander into that realm of the 'Near-Future' too like the Germany army did where you get a sense that they'd also make awesome Sci-Fi vehicles.

Foot Troops

Infantry might play second fiddle to the big vehicles of Team Yankee but they're still important for controlling buildings and holding objectives. So, there will be two flavours available over the next few months for the British.

British Infantry

The Mechanised Company/Platoon will be the backbone of your force as it were. They have access to machine guns, regular rifles and a few rocket launchers too for when they have to deal with armour.

The Milan Group takes it a step further.

Milan Group

These soldiers are armed with deadly anti-tank weaponry that gets set up on a little pod as you see here. The rocket itself will be guided to the target and has a thermal sight for when you're fighting at night too.

Air Support

Taking to the skies we get to see the Lynx Helicopter in action!

Lynx Helarm Flight

Some very iconic looking helicopters there that a lot of people will remember from the TV. They are somewhat outshined however by the lovely Harrier Jump Jets!

Harrier Close Air Support Flight

Excellent looking planes and quite the deadly force to be reckoned with on the tabletop no doubt! While some of us might have had these in toy form when we were younger it's nice to see them a bit bigger AND of course we get to use them for proper fighting now too!


Supporting the Iron Maiden release over the next few weeks we're also going to be seeing a selection of new terrain as part of the Team Yankee range.

Mechanics Workshop

The Mechanics Workshop, Convenience Store and Automobile Garage are all going to be part of the line-up.

Convenience Store

As always they're part of the Battlefield In A Box range so they can simply be taken out of the box and dropped onto the tabletop to get gaming quickly. Always a plus!

Automobile Garages

This big blocking terrain will be quite helpful for those looking to manoeuvre troops through the streets unharmed and the larger flat roofs on some of the buildings give you a good vantage point from which to strike too.

Overall I'd say the release is shaping up nicely!

Will you be playing as the British?

"It's hard not to like the look of the Chieftain; it's the kind of tank that looks like it means business..."

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