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3 Colours Up: Painting Ragged Wolf Fur


Romain sits down in the Hobby Labs today to paint some ragged wolf fur.

3 Colours Up: Paul Bonner Inspired Skintone


Today we're taking the Privateer Press Hordes piggies in a sickly humanish direction inspired by the fantastic paintings by fantasy artist Paul Bonner.

3 Colours Up: Painting Green Ogre Flesh


Today I'm back with some Privateer Press Hordes piggies to create some wonderfully grotesque green flesh tones for similar models in fantasy such as Ogres, Trolls, Goblins etc.

3 Colours Up: Advancing Models To The Next Level


Today Sam's left me with the fantastic little rodent thief from Oathsworn Miniatures to advance his painting to the next level.

3 Colours Up: Painting Brown Horse Fur


Today I'm back in the Hobby Lab and I'm excited to show you how to paint short hair on the most elegant of animals, the Horse from Warlord Games.

Painting Colette Avatar of Deception – The Grand Finale


Time for the finishing touches on the fantastic Colette from Malifaux. Romain breaks out this skills to add the details to her hair, base and evil bunny. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and stay tuned for a new tutorial next week!

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 1


It's Christmas time and we decided to shake things up a bit and let Romain paint something historical. So he chose the plastic Samurai Cavalry kit from Wargames Factory. In this first part, Romain starts with the Samurai's trusty steed.

Painting Lizardman Scales… part 1


3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Wolf Fur


Our resident artist Romain is going to tackle a Dire Wolf from Otherworld Miniatures and he is going to focus in showing us how to paint the fur pattern.

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