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3 Colours Up: Repairing Damaged Paint


RERUN // Dallas from Privateer Press is back in the studio today to bring you a necessary tip for everyone to pick up on every few years, Repairing Damaged Paint on models.

Hobby VLOG: Updating Our T’au Army – Part 2


Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 4!


In this penultimate episode of Miniatures ER Romain works on some more of the detail and shading of Harriet Kinsley from Wolsung SSG by Micro Art Studio.

Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 3!


It's time to strap on the surgery gloves and get stuck in some more as we power on with Miniatures ER where we're trying to save Harriet Kinsley from the world of Wolsung SSG.

Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 2!


We're back with Part 2 of this Miniatures ER where Romain and Justin go through fixing the lovely Harriet Kinsley from Micro Art Studios for Wolsung SSG!

Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 1!


Welcome back to Miniatures ER where we have another badly battered miniature from Justin's horde of prisoners Romain will be rescuing a neat Wolsung SSG miniature this time around by the name of Harriet Kinsley.

How To Clean Your Airbrush!


Brian of Anarchy Models demonstrates tried and tested methods to ensure you'll get great results from your airbrush time after time.

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 3!


It's time for Romain to add his finishing touches to this Ordic Pistoleer! The only thing I think we can say is this was one amazing restoration job and the results speak for themselves! So many awesome little hints and tips for bringing a miniature to life! So, if you're feeling up for it get in touch and maybe volunteer one or more of your miniatures to go under the expert brush of our miniature savior!

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 1!


It's time for the doctor to see his patients! We're kicking off the first Miniatures ER where Romain takes a look at a few models that have been through the wars and comes up with a way to save one of them from being relegated to the rubbish bin. Today it's Justin's miniatures!

Fixing Finecast… Part 2


Romain adds the finishing touches to his Finecast Farseer.

Fixing Finecast… Part 1


Romain takes you through the steps required to fix up a Games Workshop Finecast model, using an Eldar Farseer.

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