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D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Painting 15mm WW2 British Armour | Part 2


John and Gerry dive into the second part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this video, they discuss painting the 15mm British tanks from Battlefront Miniatures that will be used in the skirmish.

Japanese Chi-Ha Tank Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


John dives into painting his first-ever Japanese Tank for Warlord Games' Bolt Action. The first tank in question is the Chi-Ha which isn't the best tank around by far but is still awesome. John shows off exactly how to paint this awesome 28mm World War II tank.

Strv 103 S-Tank Painting Tutorial | World War 3: Nordic Forces – Battlefront Miniatures


John gets stuck into a painting tutorial showing off how to paint the 15mm scale Strv 103 S-Tank from World War 3: Nordic Forces, the upcoming expansion to the Team Yankee range from Battlefront Miniatures. Check out some hints and tips for painting up these awesome Cold War-era tanks.

Sherman Easy Eight WW2 Tank Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


John takes a look at one of the recent 28mm plastic Sherman Easy Eight Tanks from Warlord Games for Bolt Action and gives it a lick of paint and a layer of weathering for good measure. If you've wanted to paint World War 2 vehicles then this is going to be a handy how-to for those wanting to know what to do!

Blood & Valor Painting Tutorial – WW1 Renault FT-17 Tank | Alphonse Marcel


In this painting tutorial, we show you how to paint two French Renault FT-17 Tanks for use in the World War I wargame, Blood & Valor by Firelock Games. The tank designs came from Alphonse Marcel! 

World War 2 German Panther D Painting Tutorial (Eastern Front) | Flames Of War


John shows off a painting tutorial for the German Panther D from Battlefront Miniatures for Flames Of War and their Eastern Front collection. Learn how to paint this iconic World War 2 tank.

15mm Jagdtiger Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War


John shows you how to paint one of the 15mm Jagdtiger miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures for use with their World War II Historical wargame, Flames Of War.

TOG2 Heavy Tank Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War


Join John as he shows off how to paint a big long Heavy Tank, the TOG2. Follow along with a painting tutorial for this 15mm Flames Of War miniature.

Challenger Tank Miniature Painting Tutorial | Team Yankee


Today we walk you through a miniature painting tutorial for the 15mm Challenger 1 tank for Battlefront Miniatures' Team Yankee.

M18 Hellcat Miniature Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


John returns to his natural habitat and paints up a fantastic M18 Hellcat wargaming miniature from Warlord Games' Bolt Action.

Winter Sherman Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War


John shows off how to paint a Sherman in a Winter camouflage scheme for use with your Bulge American force in Battlefront Miniatures' Flames Of War. 

BTR-60 Miniature Painting Tutorial | Northag


In today's miniature painting tutorial we are taking a look at the BTR-60 for the Soviet faction in 20mm Battlegroup Northag.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Six


John presents the fully painted armies for the Oil War Project in their natural habitat: atop the gaming table!

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Five


John gives us an update on how his Oil War Project is going and what weathering details he's been thinking about.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Four


John gives an update to the immense Oil War force he's building up, looking at some airbrushing and the amazing camo patterns going on.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Three


John gets ready the 'stick of doom' to show us the magic of efficient priming for Oil War.

Hobby VLOG: Oil War Part Two


John takes us through the army lists he's been concocting for his Oil War project!

Hobby VLOG: Oil War – How Big Is Too Big?


John's been off for a week and he's got some inspiration on what to do for his next Hobby Vlog.

VLOG: Tank War – Afrika Korps #3


Today I show you how base coating the details of the models has turned out and what I am going to do next.

VLOG: Tank War – Afrika Korps #1


Hello everyone! It is time to kick off my journey to beating Charlie from Warlord Games. I am very excited to get this project rolling and I hope you enjoy this series.

Hobby Lab: Creating Shell Strikes on Tanks


John and Justin invade the Hobby Lab set to bring you guys a cool tutorial about modeling shell strikes on... you've guessed it, tanks.

Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!


In this episode of Dust to Dust our resident Tank God takes us through the process of making run down, rusty, metal armour and plating for your battle hardened miniatures! What do you think of the technique?

Flames Of War: Painting The M26 Pershing Tank


It's time for another painting tutorial today and this one's from the folks behind Flames of War. They'll be showing you a quick and easy way to paint up an M26 Pershing Tank for the battlefield. Looks like a very simple scheme with good tabletop results!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Battle Damage & Weathering


Smash and bash up your vehicles in the fires of combat an environments of death worlds as you see this new Painting Tutorial from Games Workshop...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Taurox Prime Part 2


Let's see how things have progressed in this second tutorial on the Taurox Prime for the Astra Militarum army in Warhammer 40,000! See what stages they go through next...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Taurox Prime Part 1


It's time to get stuck into painting the Taurox Prime for the Astra Militarum. See what you think of the work Games Workshop have done on this nifty new tank for the Imperial Guard...

Tank God Tips: Paint and Rust Chipping Effect


It's time for another Tank God Tip so John brings out the Crusader Tank from the Bolt Action range to show us how to create some cool paint and rust chipping effects. Make your new tanks look old!

Games Workshop Assembly & Painting: Imperial Knight Part 3


The Games Workshop team get stuck into working on the armour more and fitting this monstrous walker together. See what you think of the Imperial Knight at this stage!

Tank God Tips: Anti-Magnetic Mine Paste


Today John takes on the challenge of making some Anti-Magnetic Mine Past for one of our Bolt Action tanks. Yeah, I didn't know this stuff existed either!

Games Workshop Assembly & Painting: Imperial Knight Part 2


With the Imperial Knight built it's time to start painting and they begin by working on the skeleton of this mighty walker for the new and improved Imperium...

Tank God Tips: Adding Cast Metal To Your Tanks!


Time for another tip from our resident Tank God! Today we're going to see how to add cast metal effects to your tanks for Bolt Action.

Tank God Tips: Tank Track Painting Made Easy!


We continue with our series of Tank God Tips as John shows you a quick and easy process for painting tank tracks!

Tank God Tips: Burnt & Rusted Metal!


Our personal tank ace John is back for another tutorial on tanks. Today he's in the mood to show off how to paint up a magnificent burnt and rusted metal technique that will make your tanks really look as if they are in the middle of a battlefield and firing on all cylinders.

Tank God Tips: Weld Lines


Our old buddy John is back on camera and ready to show you how to add some of those finishing touches to your new Bolt Action tanks. Kicking off with how to add some weld lines to a cute little American Chaffee. Feel free to drop in any ideas for more tips and tricks from the master tread head himself.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Nihilakh Oxide


Want to try and get a verdigris effect on your tanks and armour? See what you think of the Nihilakh Oxide Technical paint from Games Workshop!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Ryza Rust


Want to get an aged look on your vehicles, armour and scenery then try out the Ryza Rust Technical Paint from Games Workshop...

Flames of War Painting Japanese Tanks


The Japanese of Flames of War have their own tanks to take on the Allies with and a new video has gone out to help you to paint their camouflage on.

Flames of War Painting Sherman V


The guys at Flames of War share their tips on how to quickly paint up those Sherman V tanks from the Open Fire! box set.

Flames of War StuG Painting Guide


The StuG has rolled out of the Open Fire! starter set and is ready to get a stylish paint job in this latest Flames of War painting guide.

3 Colours Up: Painting a WW2 Sherman Tank Part 2 of 2


It's time for another painting video from the vaults of Beasts of War, as John finishes painting his WW2 sherman tank from Flames of War.

3 Colours Up: Painting a WW2 Sherman Tank Part 1 of 2


Here's something new from the BoW archive! It's amazing what you can find if you look hard enough. Take a look as a young, fresh-faced version of John paints one of his beloved Flames of War Sherman Tanks.

40K Ork Stompa Painting Tutorial – Part 1


So finally after some subtle coercion form Warren John relents and actually paints his nemesis the 40K Ork Stompa.

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