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Bushwacker Battlemech Painting Tutorial | BattleTech

3 hours ago 2

John returns to the world of BattleTech and shows off how to paint a Bushwacker Battlemech for use in the popular wargame. Dive into a full painting tutorial on bringing the Bushwacker to life.

Gerry Can Show You How To Make Budget Airbrush Cleaner

22 hours ago 6

In this week's Gerry Can, Gerry shows off how to make a budget Airbrush Cleaner using a mix of simple household products. It'll save you a bunch to then spend on other hobby products.

Gerry Can Show You How To Use Alcohol-Based Metallic Paints


In this week's Gerry Can, Gerry has a tutorial on how to use Alchohol-Based Metallic Paints when diving into your miniature painting. 

Gerry Can Show You Tips For Upgrading Your Textured Bases


In this Gerry Can tutorial, Gerry shows you some hobby tips for upgrading your sculpted wargaming bases. Take them to the next level with extra texture and detail.

How To 3D Print HUGE Miniatures – Raging Heroes’ Arcadian Colossus | Heroes Infinite


For this month's "how to 3D print" video looking at the 3D Printable STL Files from Raging Heroes for Heroes Infinite, John shows you how to 3D Print HUGE miniatures with the Arcadian Colossus for the Arcadian Elves.

Sons Of Horus Space Marine Painting Tutorial – Warhammer: The Horus Heresy


In this painting tutorial, John shows how to paint one of the Sons Of Horus MKIV Space Marines from the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy by Games Workshop.

Gerry Can Show You How To Make Plastic Putty!


In this week's Gerry Can, we show you how to make your own plastic putty out of plastic cement and old sprues. This can be used to fill in cracks and gaps within your miniatures!

Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG Miniature Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John shows how to paint the Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG miniature from Raging Heroes. This is one of their awesome Heroes Infinite 3D Printable miniatures from the month of July! 

15mm Jagdtiger Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War

2 months ago 6

John shows you how to paint one of the 15mm Jagdtiger miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures for use with their World War II Historical wargame, Flames Of War.

Gerry Can Show You How To Use Texture Paints For Basing


In this Gerry Can, we're showing off some tips and tricks for using your Texture Paints for getting the best-looking bases. There are some neat options out there with a really good finish.

Gerry Can Show You How To Strip Your Miniatures!


In this Gerry Can, we show off how to take those old paint jobs and get rid of them through a method known as Stripping. We try out two different ways of approaching this.

Gerry Can Show You How To Make Tall Grass Scatter Terrain


In this video, Gerry Can show you how to make Tall Grass Scatter for your wargaming terrain and miniature bases. 

Gerry Can Show You The Best Scenery Cement & Sealing Tricks!


Gerry Can show you the best scenery cement and sealing tricks when it comes to working on your wargaming bases and terrain using a homemade method!

M18 Hellcat Miniature Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


John returns to his natural habitat and paints up a fantastic M18 Hellcat wargaming miniature from Warlord Games' Bolt Action.

Gerry Can Show You Some Practical Paint Pen Hobby Tricks!


Gerry Can is back showing off how you can use different types of Paint Pens in order to achieve some different hobby and painting effects on your miniatures. 

Technique Toolbox: The Foundry System


Romain takes us through the simple and easy to replicate Foundry System. What do you think of this style of painting? Is it a great addition to the repertoire or something to be left for the old school?

Technique Toolbox: Perfect Pointillism!


Today on Technique Toolbox Romain shows off another of his more advanced painting methods by painting with dots, or Pointillism if you will. Have you tried out this technique before or is it something completely new you'll be snapping up for your toolbox?

Technique Toolbox: Criss-Cross Paint Strokes!


It's time for something a little more complex from Romain as he takes us through yet another essential technique. What do you guys think of this one? Is it something useful for a future project?

Technique Toolbox: The ‘Eavy Metal Style!


Romain continues his Technique Toolbox series with what is arguably one of the most used methods in the gaming world. We've all started out painting at the local Games Workshop but if you haven't Romain shows us the finer points of this simple yet highly effective style.

Technique Toolbox: Dry Brushing!


In another Technique Toolbox Romain takes us through the proper method for Dry Brushing miniatures.

Technique Toolbox: Pre-Brushing & Washing


In today's episode of the Technique Toolbox Romain takes us through the steps of what he calls pre-brushing using our Infinity miniature.

Technique Toolbox XLBS: Basecoating 101 Q&A!


Romain is back to have a Skype chat with Warren about his latest tutorial series. In the first episode Romain covered Basecoating and he's ready to give you some feedback on any questions you asked in the comments section!

Technique Toolbox: Basecoating 101


In the first of our new painting tips series Romain will be looking at the basic skills and techniques every painter needs to know.

Mantic Hobby Tips: Assembling Restic Miniatures!


It's time for another Hobby Tips from Mantic Games where they look at what you can do to help the process of assembling Restic Miniatures. Did this help you out?

Mantic Hobby Tips: Building Deadzone Terrain!

9 years ago 0

Mantic Games get Dave back in to show you how easy it is to put together their Deadzone Terrain. The whole set is pretty much a big play pit of awesomeness so get stuck in I say!

Mantic Hobby Tips: Getting Rid Of Mould Lines!

9 years ago 0

Dave is back for another tutorial for Mantic Games. This time around he's going to be delving into the tips and techniques you need to remove mould lines from your miniatures...

Mantic Hobby Tips: Bending Plastic & Resin With Hot Water


Dave from Mantic Games takes some time out to explore the use of hot water in reshaping and fixing your plastic and resin miniatures. See what you think of his tips in the video!

Romain tests out Vallejo Paint


Romain reviews Vallejo Paint on camera... just for you!

Colour Theory… Part 6


Romain continues his epic tutorial on colour theory.

Colour Theory… Part 5


Romain continues his epic tutorial on colour theory.

Colour Theory… Part 4


Romain continues his epic tutorial on colour theory.

Colour Theory… Part 3


Romain continues his epic tutorial on colour theory.

Colour Theory… Part 2


Romain continues his epic tutorial on colour theory.

Colour Theory… Part 1


You asked for it, so you got it. Romain embarks on an epic tutorial all about colour theory. See the whole series... Colour Theory Part 1 Colour Theory Part 2 Colour Theory Part 3 Colour Theory Part 4 Colour Theory […]

How to Make a Wet Palette


Romain has been getting question after question about how to make a wet palette so for all you Backstagers... here's his secret...

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