Confess Your Sins to Tercio Creativo’s Engrossed Priest

September 2, 2013 by dracs

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More and more previews keep appearing on the Indiegogo for Tercio Creativo's expansion Dies Irae. This latest one should be enough to scare anyone into attending confession.

Tercio Creativo - Engrossed Priest

The chap sporting the Gene Simmons impersonation above is the Sacerdote Absorto (Engrossed Priest) and he will be leading the Ordo Calamitas band in Dies Irae.

Tercio Creativo - Sacerdote Absorto

The model has to be one of my favourites to have been produced by Tercio Creativo thus far. The hunched over, grotesque expression tells a story in itself, while the detailing on the priestly garb is excellent.

If you want to see more minis like this appear be sure to pledge your support to the Indiegogo campaign.

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