Emuse Work Their Magic on Le Garou from Tercio Creativo

October 29, 2012 by brennon

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Check out another stunning miniature from Tercio Creativo painted by the talented folk at Emuse. Le Garou, a marksman of renown is ready to make his mark and take down his targets...

Le Garou

"It is said he was raised by wolves, or maybe even the devil himself. And until recently anyone who would have found him in the mountains, would have swore that. But now, when he's hunting the Gauls... It isn't so clear."

Another amazing paint job and I love the miniature as a whole. It points the picture of a good sniper, running forwards and changing position in order to avoid the enemy and throw them into disarray. A great piece that tells a good story!

What do you think of Le Garou?

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