Grim Knights & Swashbuckling Rogues From Terco Creativo

January 18, 2014 by brennon

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It's always a pleasure to talk about Tercio Creativo miniatures because they are just so damn awesome. This is certainly the case with both their WIP preview of El Sereno and the amazingly well painted and deadly looking Plaque.

El Sereno

Gaul Vanguard's Plaqué

Both are fantastic looking miniatures and I think that is plainly seen. El Sereno has that sneer on his face that brings a great level of character to the sculpt and I can't believe they have managed to get that pipe with the smoke coming out of it working!

Plaque is just as great and clad in full plate armour he is charging towards an opponent, his axe ready to split heads. I love the fact that for added effect it even looks like he has a blunderbuss built into the haft!

Quite the deadly weapon.

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