Tercio Creative Hire Out A Pair Of Mercenaries

July 2, 2017 by dracs

Tercio Creativo have new miniatures coming out this July and have previewed what promises to be quite a piratical pair. The first to jump ship is Marinero, a pawn of the mercenary band of Sea Dogs.


While he may not be a great hero, that boat hook could do some serious damage, and from the looks of him he has the muscle to wield it effectively. Following behind is El Sereno and his little dog too.

El Sereno

El Sereno is a new mercenary personality who can act as a leader. He has a slightly sinister appearance, backed up by his black dog surrounded by body parts. If that is a dog. Who's a good boy?

Which of these models do you like the most?

"A sinister appearance backed up by his black dog surrounded by body parts..."

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