Tercio Creativo Preview A New Green for their IndieGoGo Campaign

July 31, 2012 by brennon

Tercio Creativo's IndieGoGo Campaign for their 1650's Ruleset is still going strong with just under a month left to pledge to it. To get you more excited for it they have previewed a new miniatures, the Arcabucero of the Guard of Ysbilia...

Arcabucero of the Guard of Ysbilia

A veteran warrior with a rifle is no someone you want to trifle with. I like the stalking stance and the expression on his face. It seems Tercio Creativo always have a great deal of character to their miniatures. Like all their range it will be fantastic to see this painted up.

What do you make of this new guard and have you pledged to their campaign?

Let us know below.

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