Tercio Creativo Show Off 50mm of Bad Attitude

June 16, 2013 by dracs

Tercio Creativo are continuing to work on their recently announced board game Dies Irrae and to just to peak our interest they have shown off a WIP for one of the miniatures.

Tercio Creativo - Basajaun

From these previews we can already see just what sort of character Tercio Creativo are bringing to life.


Named Basajaun he is described by Tercio Creativo as being "50 mm of muscles, fur and bad mood."

Tercio Creativo have created some of the greatest 28mm scale historical style character models on the market. It is interesting to see them step outside their usual scale, but they are definitely bringing their sculpting expertise to the fore. The only thing I would say is that something appears to be wrong with his pectoral muscles. I understand he is supposed to be rippling with muscles, but at the moment it looks like he has the world's first 10 pack taking over his torso.

Are any of you excited for the Dies Irrae?

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