Tercio Creativo Unveil Their Prototype Armoured Carriage

October 18, 2013 by dracs

Tercio Creativo are continuing work on their cool Dies Irae minis and have just unveiled the first test copy of their armoured carriage. The only way to travel.

Armoured Carriage

Armoured Carriage Birdseye

I think this piece is so cool. It keeps with the fantastic, yet plausable historical style of Tercio Creativo's game, yet still has a certain ramshackle look to it. I kind of half expect this came into being due to an early version of the A-Team.

Tercio Creativo will be bringing out more of their Dies Irae minis in the futre, but right now they want some feedback on this armoured carriage: Do you prefer it with or without a a decorative pedestal?

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