Terragnosis Show Off Sulphur’s Scavengers

August 6, 2013 by brennon

Terragnosis have been showing off some more renders from their world of Sulphur. Check out the Scavengers below in their 3D render form. What do you make of these gang members?

Scavenger #1

Scavenger #2

Scavenger #3

Above are a selection of the figures that have been shown off in this form. They certainly have that Post Apocalypse style to them and would be perfect if you are interested in re-making some of the scavengers from RAGE or Mad Max.

This range is looking very good indeed and if they make it to the miniatures stage with this look to them I can see them being picked up for a myriad of different games.

How are you liking Sulphur?

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