3D Print Terrain Assemble An Anglo-Saxon Settlement

February 12, 2019 by brennon

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3D Print Terrain from Germany are on Kickstarter looking for funding to bring their collection of STL Files to life for those looking to build an Anglo-Saxon Settlement on the tabletop.

Anglo Saxon Houses - 3D Print Terrain

The range has been designed so that it will work for a number of different regions of Anglo-Saxon England, bringing together more Celtic designs as well as you'll see with these Roundhouses.

Celtic Roundhouses - 3D Print Terrain

The team are also looking to get to work providing folks with their Church files too which gives you a central hub to base the action around, perhaps as part of a raid.

Church - 3D Print Terrain

With such a modest goal and the fact that they just have to deliver the STL files the team obviously smashed through their funding target. With that in mind, they've also been working on this awesome Motte which could act as one of the new castles erected by William The Conqueror after 1066.

Motte - 3D Print Terrain

I like the idea of battling around that!

Will you be taking a look at this campaign?

"...they've also been working on this awesome Motte!"

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