3DAlienWorlds Erect Necrontyr Walls To Protect Their Dynasty

August 20, 2018 by brennon

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3DAlienWorlds has been working on a range of new terrain for their Necrontyr range. The latest piece is their Necrontyr Tomb City Walls Set.

Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set #1 - 3D Alien Worlds

The terrain here is provided as STL files for you to print at home and features as part of the kit...

  • 120mm Straight Wall
  • 120mm Step Junction Wall
  • Corner Wall
  • Gateway Building
  • 75mm Stairs
  • Joining Clips

Of course, because these are just files, you're totally ok to just print away at this consistently. You could create a rather impressive Necrontyr city with this as you'll see in the image above and below.

Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set #2 - 3D Alien Worlds

The wall section is neat and provides you with a good space on the walls for your troopers to fight. There's nothing worse than terrain sections like this where you can't actually place the models upon it!

Here's how some of the sections break down...

Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set #3 - 3D Alien Worlds

If you like this terrain then you should try and check out the rest of their range. They have created some very nice pieces that would work as blocking terrain as well as sections of it that could be used as objectives and such.

What do you think of this new set?

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