4Ground Terrain Explores Feudal Japan, Stalingrad & The Far Future

January 31, 2020 by brennon

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4Ground has been showing off a bunch of new terrain options for the end of January and beginning of February. We start in Feudal Japan as we're checking out the Yamashiro Fort which has been created alongside their friends at Things From The Basement.

Yamashiro Fort - 4Ground

Now, this is a pretty impressive collection which comes with a set of walls, a couple of gatehouses, the well, interior buildings and that massive tower which would be a good way to watch out for what the enemy are doing. Everything you see there is available separately as well but this would be pretty special if you're diving into the likes of Test Of Honour. Imagine if you were playing out either a large siege or a small infiltration effort with your hardened troops?

Bombed Out City

As well as the big Japanese fort we also have a new 20mm Stalingrad pack which comes from 4Ground themselves. They have collected a lot of the different terrain elements they've tinkered with over the past few months and years to create this intricate web of buildings for you to fight through.

Stalingrad Ruined City - 4Ground

The set would be perfect for the Soviet block of course but it could be used across all manner of periods if you so desired. For example, I think this would be pretty great for anything more modern as well as from World War II. Also, it really makes me want to recreate the city chase from 1917!

Power Up The Big Guns

We also have some neat options from the grimdark future (and any other Sci-Fi realm that might appeal) with work by Laser Cut Architects which has been given a dash of colour. This breaks down into the Iron Industries Large Generator which comes in blue...

Iron Industries Large Generator - 4Ground

...and the Iron Industries Small Generator which comes in Yellow. Both of these are looking like they would be prime options for scenario-important objectives!

Iron Industries Small Generator - 4Ground

You could imagine them spinning up and powering the likes of a big gun or something. Imagine if your Space Marines had to keep them going so that the big guns could blast Ork fighters out of the skies. Meanwhile, Ork forces are storming into your complex to try and smash everything in their path.

All of these options are available right now so make sure to head on over and see what they have to offer!

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"All of these options are available right now so make sure to head on over and see what they have to offer!"

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