Weekender: 4Ground’s Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk

October 1, 2016 by brennon

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Welcome to a packed show where we're talking with UK Games Expo about their plans for next year, Cosy Dice about their new bags and...because we're totally the people to ask, some apocalypse survival tips!

Weekender: 4Ground's Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk

If you want to find out more follow along and watch above.

BoW Updates

What's been going on this weekend?

  • Re-Roll Weekend - We're launching Issue #2 of the magazine this week!
  • Team Yankee Live Blog Next Weekend - Watch out for an intercontinental Live Blog happening next weekend.
  • Drop Tactics Returns - Our tactics series returns looking at some new tricks you can use in game.
  • Epic Wrath Of Kings Terrain Building VLOG - See how we built an utterly stunning Wrath of Kings table for filming this week.

...quite a bit wouldn't you say?

Hobbyween Entries

With October now on us it's time to get spooky!

What do you think of these projects so far?

Walking Dead Malls & The End Of The World

We take a sneaky peek at what lies ahead for 4Ground as they showed us some shots of their Shopping Mall.

This brings us on to real life survival tactics and whether or not we could hack it. Maybe The End Of The World series of role-playing games by Fantasy Flight Games would test us enough?

Let us know what other tabletop games you think test your survival skills.

UK Games Expo Interview

One of the biggest events in the UK, this event continued to grow again this year. We talk with Richard and Tony about what they are hoping to see from it next year.

Hobby Lab Open Challenges

Not only are we focusing in on the new Fresh Water Challenge that we launched this week but remember to take some time and check out the Finalists of the Scatter Terrain Challenge too.

Cosy Dice Interview

It was a joy to sit down with Annie of Cosy Dice to talk about their new Gamer Bag which has a familiar badge adorning it!

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Have a great weekend!

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Supported by (Turn Off)

"Do you think Lance's strategy of survival in movement and filling up your bathtubs or are you more of a guns blazing free for all like John?"

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