Adding Terrain to the Mini-Middle East with GameCraft

March 22, 2012 by brennon

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Check out these new terrain releases from GameCraft Miniatures. This time its a mass of Middle Eastern terrain for your modern warfare games...

Iraqi Ministry of Justice

First up is the Iraqi Ministry of Justice. A pretty big piece of terrain as a centrepiece for your battlefield.


Next up is a Mosque, adding a bit of character and flavour of the Middle East to your terrain sets. On top of that is the other Temple/Mosque which you can see below...


But if your looking for something to blow up then how about these sets of Storage Tanks? Perfect for adding some explosive material to your battlefield and taking you back to the conflicts of Desert Storm.

Fuel Storage Tank

Some quite nice sets of terrain to add some character to your battlefields from GameCraft I think you will agree.

Which of these would you pick up?

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