Grab Some Grub With Antenocitis At Ho Lee Fooks

August 18, 2018 by brennon

Antenocitis Workshop has added a superb new building to their terrain collection for use in Infinity. Come and grab some food and a drink at Ho Lee Fooks!

Ho Lee Fooks #1 - Antenocitis Workshop

The building features multiple floors and the MDF comes pre-painted. You don't have to do much with this building to get it ready for the tabletop. The multiple layers are something we always like to see for Infinity terrain as it really helps break up the frequency of AROs AND offers up some nice verticality for gameplay.

Ho Lee Fooks #2 - Antenocitis Workshop

I like the clear acrylic areas above the restaurant which are just trying out for a cinematic battle between two soldiers. This kind of terrain is another reason why I think you should look towards clear bases for Infinity!

The interior is also fully decorated with resin pieces.

Ho Lee Fooks #3 - Antenocitis Workshop

This is just crying out for a proper clash between squads in Infinity. You could imagine this being the meeting place for a Yu Jing agent and his contacts and the ALEPH or PanO forces surging through the streets to raid this and take him down.

What do you think of Ho Lee Fooks?

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