Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers II Coming Soon To Kickstarter

July 13, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Archon Studio are working towards a new Kickstarter. 25th August 2020 is going to see the return of Dungeons & Lasers II to the funding platform with all-new designs and most importantly, some big and fantastic looking dragons.

Dungeons & Lasers II - Archon Studio.jpg

Watch Out For More Info: Dungeons & Lasers II // Archon Studio

The aim of this Kickstarter is going to be to produce a new selection of tiles, walls, bits and more which you can use to make really dynamic looking dungeons for when you go delving into the darkness. There are three main dungeon designs coming out as part of the Kickstarter which we've added below...

Dwarven Mine - Archon Studio.jpg

Dwarven Mine // Archon Studio

Cursed Cathedral - Archon Studio.jpg

Cursed Cathedral // Archon Studio

Temple Of The Operators - Archon Studio.jpg

Temple Of The Operators // Archon Studio

These three sets offer up some good dungeon terrain which would be great for those playing both Fantasy and Sci-Fi games. The Dwarven Mine is very much a place of Fantasy adventure but the Cursed Temple and Temple Of The Operators could be used across both of those genres. I also think that the Cursed Temple would be neat for a Pulp adventure as you're hunting down Nazi scientists and their strange creations.

Stretch Goals & Dragons!

As well as the new sets which are coming soon, you'll also be able to pick up a range of additional options through Stretch Goals. These are the elements which help to add character and flavour to your games and provide you with options for storytelling and narrative development.

Dungeons & Lasers II Stretch Goals - Archon Studio.jpg

Dungeons & Lasers II Stretch Goals // Archon Studio

One of the biggest options for this campaign though is the introduction of not one, not two but four dragons which you'll also be able to pledge for. Each of them comes on a great looking sculpted base and could well be the iconic big bads of your next campaign.

Dragons - Archon Studio.jpg

Dragons // Archon Studio

You get dragons which would work for Black, Blue, Red/Green versions of their D&D counterparts but also that undead dragon, a Dracolich perhaps, which would be absolutely terrifying to face off against on the tabletop. These are not small either as you'll have noted from the figure used as a comparison.

Black Dragon - Archon Studio.jpg

Black Dragon // Archon Studio

Next to Dwarves, the next biggest thing for me when it comes to Fantasy awesomeness is dragons. I love how they look and will find a way to include them in my campaigns whenever I can. These are all looking fantastic and hopefully, they'd come out looking as good as the renders! If they did, they would be fun to paint up either traditionally or using the magic of Contrast.

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Are you tempted to check out this Kickstarter at the end of August?

"Are you tempted to check out this Kickstarter at the end of August?"

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