Augment Your Reality With Brutal Cities To Test Terrain

March 28, 2023 by avernos

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Brutal Cities do some magnificent kits for your tabletop games, if you're after a touch of brutalist architecture to set off your dystopian tabletop then look no further. But now they've taken a new step in what is probably a first for terrain makers. Augmented Reality to check if the building will fit your landscape.


Augmented Reality // Brutal Cities

Reality is Brutal. View Wargaming Terrain on your Table from your Phone with Augmented Reality!

When shopping for wargaming terrain it’s easy to be taken in by cinematic photos and imagine the perfect kit you just need. But having an actual idea of the scale? That’s an issue. Especially if you’ve got your favourite terrain pieces from different companies. Look up that centimetres to inches converter tool again… What does this building look like from the top..? Does this suit my other terrain and table or will it look out of place?

But now there’s a way to see exactly how well your terrain will be complemented. Brutal Cities has introduced an augmented reality viewer to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.
Try the 28mm Wargaming Terrain Scale Helper on your iPhone or Android device. Scroll through the helper and click on any one of the products to be taken to the product page. You can view the models from every angle, with the option to view kits from your space. This means you can project the terrain piece at 100% scale onto any surface - right onto your table, on your shelves or next to your other terrain!

Mistakes were made // Life Size Models

As Ryan puts it below there was a slight hiccough with the first attempt but it has spawned something greater.

I’ve been making Augmented Reality 3d models to show you the wargaming terrain I make. You can view them directly on your tabletop, scaled correctly! But I made a Big mistake - The Bruteopolis Plaza tower kit was WAY too big. It’s designed to be more realistically scaled urban terrain for games like Warhammer or Infinity, but this was a bit much!

So I’m sorry if you tried the augmented reality scale tool last week, Bruteopolis Plaza Tower isn’t actually a residential-sized building! But this mistake gave me a fun idea - so I intentionally scaled them ALL up so you can see these terrain designs as if they were real buildings! Place the different designs in your local vacant lot or destroy your neighbour's lawn with some brutalism! Give them an architectural critique of the blatant disregard for local planning controls. Fun!

To view the models head to the website. Grab your phone and in the AR model gallery click view in space - link in bio. You may just have to put it somewhere and then walk away a bit so you’re not too close cos these are big!

We’ll be having a little competition for a $100 gift voucher. Take a video or photo featuring one of these overscaled AR terrain pieces and use the hashtag #BrutalCities and tag us! I’ll judge the most creative or funny entry on the 03rd April of April. Obviously please be safe while capturing the models! Full terms on the website.

There are currently 27 of the most popular kits available to see in augmented reality, including the paint racks so you can see all the desk space this kit saves you. More importantly, if you're shipping from the southern hemisphere things can get a little pricey so it's a fantastic resource to be able to see exactly how they will fit into your games before you click on the buy button and be damned. Also just being able to spin the models 360 is really helpful to see just how they look or to get ideas for painting and weathering.

If you fancy getting involved you've got up until Sunday to start dropping buildings on top of things you don't like.

Start checking out augmented reality and make sure you find the perfect fit for your table.

" it's a fantastic resource to be able to see exactly how they will fit into your games before you click on the buy button and be damned"

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