StudioLevel Take You To Bantam Alley With Their Resin Terrain

November 9, 2017 by brennon

StudioLevel are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of some of their awesome resin terrain which would be perfect for your Post-Apocalyptic tabletops. Take a wander down Bantam Alley...

Bantam Alley Terrain Kickstarter

The various pledge levels for this campaign allow you to pick up a range of scatter terrain as well as full battlefields, unique scenery pieces and even a range of bases with which to tie your models into the overall theme of the terrain.

Either presented as individual pieces or larger sections of terrain you can create junkyards and wastelands that would be perfect for those who like diving into these toxic urban jungles. Here's a look at some of their terrain as finished products.

Urban Wrecks Studio Level Terrain

All of the terrain is scaled to between 28/32mm which means it should work with all manner of games out there. Maybe if you're playing something like Wasteman or This Is Not A Test this would be perfect. Of course, for a lot of Dark Age you do spend your time in a bit of a wasteland so pieces like these could be a solid choice.

Urban Barricades Studio Level Terrain

Maybe you could even take things to the next level with your The Walking Dead: All Out War games and have it set way in the future when your survivors have to contend with a totally ruined world?

Gas Station Studio Level Terrain

There's no reason that this terrain has to be used for Post-Apocalyptic games either as I think this could be perfect for someone trying to build up an Ork junkyard in games of Warhammer 40,000. What enterprising Mek wouldn't want all this to play around with?

Battlefield Studio Level Terrain

All of the terrain is cast from resin and is easy to paint up with plenty of texture and effect paint to get it ready for the battlefield of whatever massive diorama you might be working on.

Take a closer look at their campaign and make sure to give us your thoughts on it all below.

Do you need a new junkyard?

"Maybe if you're playing something like Wasteman or This Is Not A Test this would be perfect..."

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