Battle To Hold The Dwarven Defences With Mini Monsters

February 12, 2019 by brennon

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Mini Monsters has been working away on a new terrain piece for those who want to build their perfect Dwarven fortress. Here we have the Dwarf Command Post which is the perfect place for a Runesmith to watch the battle unfold.

Dwarf Command Post - MiniMonsters

The set is very nicely detailed and comes in resin. It is scaled to 28mm so you can have a warrior fighting over the wall against the foes that are crashing against it.

Whilst this would be great for a commander to watch the battle unfold it's also the perfect place for a cannon or other suitable artillery piece to be placed.

Dwarf Command Post With Walls - MiniMonsters

The piece can also be combined with the Dwarf Defence Line from Mini Monsters so you can create a solid bulwark against the enemy.

I like the runic script worked into the stone and this would be splendid for someone looking to make a Dwarven Hold deep within the mountains. Imagine a big siege against the side of a mountain!

What do you think of this new piece?

"Imagine a big siege against the side of a mountain!"

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