Blast Apart Your Battlefield With Warhammer 40k Crater Terrain

March 25, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop do one thing very well and that is their terrain. The latest release of the Quake Cannon Craters is just another in a great line of pieces...

Quake Cannon Craters

Quake Cannon Craters with Scale

As you can see they are pretty awesome cover for your troops with high enough sides to give you a cover save if you need it. You can also take them apart and make a defensive wall if needs be.

I like that each of the craters has something different inside it telling a story of what happened when the cannon blast hit. It will also make those plain open areas of the board that bit more interesting to walk across.

The price isn't too shabby either and that's something good about all the Games Workshop terrain.

Have you picked some up?

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