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October 26, 2021 by brennon

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The fourth wave of the Brutal Cities collection is now available for you to snap up from their webstore. This stunning range of 28-35mm MDF terrain takes cues from brutalism architecture and provides fantastic pieces which could be used for a mix of different Sci-Fi games and Fantasy too.

Wave Four Terrain - Brutal Cities

Wave Four Terrain // Brutal Cities

The newest wave of terrain breaks down into a few different elements which come together to make tabletops like the one you see above. Large towers, officers, structures and scatter terrain have all been designed so that they match up with each other and more importantly, are gameable. No having to mess around trying to stick your fingers into all those nooks and crannies to move your characters around.

Fortress Siege - Brutal Cities

Fortress Siege // Brutal Cities

Two of the main buildings that you'll want to check out are 305 Sunshine Alley and Bruteopolis Plaza Tower which have been designed so you can remove an entire wall and then access each floor. So, rather than removing things floor-by-floor you can just come in at the side.

As well as the pieces designed for Sci-Fi, you'll also find some terrain pieces which can be snapped up in different designs to match the Fantasy genre. That's where the likes of the Adamant Complex come in.

Medieval Fort - Brutal Cities

Medieval Fort // Brutal Cities

That means that as a gamer you choose concrete or stonework and away you go. You could create a complex which has been designed to withstand the assault of corporate forces or the descent of angelic space knights or go all in and build a fort manned by the defenders of Osgiliath.

A lot of the terrain that you see here is modular and designed so that you can tinker with it and play around. There are also loads and loads of additional bits and pieces that can be bolted onto these terrain kits allowing you to give them another dose of character.

Easy Access Office Terrain - Brutal Cities

Easy Access Office Terrain // Brutal Cities

Tower Block Terrain - Brutal Cities

Tower Block Terrain // Brutal Cities

All of the terrain is made out of MDF and should look impressive with a liberal application of spray cans and airbrushes. I think you could then make all of these pop with plenty of weathering material and mixes which you could drool out of vents and windows and coat flat surfaces with.

It is well worth diving into the rest of the collection from Brutal Cities because as well as some of the main kits we've seen here, there are loads and loads of accessory packs for you to pick up. You can snag yourself bridges, ladders, barriers, walkways and more.

If you want to check out the instructions for building some of the kits from the Brutal Cities range and learn more about them, check out the link HERE. This is a great range that I think suits all manner of different games and genres.

Are you going to be picking up some of the Brutal Cities range?

"This is a great range that I think suits all manner of different games and genres..."

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