Brand New! Micro Art Studio’s Tabletop Battlefields Kickstarter

October 9, 2017 by brennon

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Micro Art Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to build you an awesome battlefield which would be suited for all manner of Sci-Fi games. Take a look...

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Their collection of terrain has been steadily growing over the past few years and this Kickstarter focuses in on three particular themes. Each of them begins with the base mat which you can pick up separately.

Tabletop Battlefield Mats

Each of the mats is themed to match a certain design of terrain and provide you with a ready battlefield from which to launch your strikes. The terrain is then added on and suddenly transforms the collection into something exceptionally awesome.

New Terrain

Most of you will be familiar with two of the main terrain collections from Micro Art Studio. The first is their TauCeti collection.

TauCeti Terrain

This set of new terrain collects together some alternatives for your tabletop. The ruined buildings are probably what you're mostly going to be interested in playing around with as they provide some nice cover and a narrative for your tabletop.

The tower offers up some height and a nice bit of blocking terrain on the battlefield and the Vents work as nice objective markers I reckon. Imagine if you had to make it to the vents and pack them with explosives as you looked to sink the superstructures below the surface.

Next up we have the equally well-known Hive terrain which would be great for distant alien worlds.

Hive Terrain

Once again we're seeing ruins as part of the package. You could potentially mix this in with some of your existing terrain you've built from the Hive range on their webstore and have it so the 'hills' are actually chopped up tower sections that have been decimated.

I think the ruins are a nice touch here, especially for a more organic looking tabletop, and the pieces themselves would paint up very easily.

Finally, we have the awesome Outpost terrain which is where we switch our focus from something grimdark and look towards the world of Star Wars perhaps.

Outpost Terrain

The blocky nature of this terrain would be suited to an Imperial base or a staging ground for someone's offensive in all manner of different games. You could just as easily find this popping up in games of Warpath for example.

Complete Battlefields

This is just the new terrain pieces however and things change as you look up through the bundles towards some more of their offers. All of their terrain is designed using their tried and tested hard foam techniques and we love using this stuff across our gaming tables.

Complete TauCeti Battlefield

As you can see these pledge options open up a lot more from their existing collection and drop it in alongside the new pieces. You can immediately see where the narrative idea comes from too when you see this.

Complete Hive Battlefield

I think if I was to pick one of these battlefields as my favourite it would have to be the Hive one simply because it's so different from any of the other battlefields you're likely to see. The constant threat of playing out battles on a living planet makes for an intense gaming experience.

Lastly, we have the Outpost collection in its entirety too which shows off a whole bunch of their cool buildings for a colonisation outpost.

Complete Outpost Battlefield

Of course, if you were going to be adding a few big trees onto the tabletop with a dense woodland feel then maybe we'd find ourselves making our way over to a moon somewhere full of teddy bears?

Stretch Goals

As the campaign continues we focus our attention towards some stretch goals they have lined up. Most of them allow for Add-On opportunities but there are also a few extras too.

Stretch Goal #1

Stretch Goal #2

It's nice to see them adding in a few extras which aren't focused around the idea of using hardfoam and instead introducing HDF into the mix instead. It certainly gives you a different look and lets the team at Micro Art Studio do something different too.

What do you think?

"The constant threat of playing out battles on a living planet makes for an intense gaming experience..."

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