Build Your Own Wasteland With Plast Craft Games

October 1, 2015 by brennon

Plast Craft have added to their range of Color-ED scenery for tabletop gaming with a whole host of wasteland/post-apocalyptic terrain. We previewed this a little while ago but now you can pick it up to start creating dens for gangs and road warriors...

The Diner

We're kicking things off with a look at the Diner and the Caravan/Gas Station which would both be interesting ports of call for anyone looking to raid them for supplies. The Diner in particular has a place for a sniper on the roof too watching out for anyone trying to pilfer his or her goods.

The Caravan

The Caravan too is excellent as a focal point, especially with 'Welcome' tagged on the side of it. I also like the gas pumps which you could very easily make explosive so they have an effect on the tabletop as people are trying to raid it for fuel.

In addition to fuel and power coming from the Caravan I'm sure the Power Station also holds some secrets of its own. The nodding donkey pump is a good touch and if you picked up a few of these you could have them spread out to represent a full on oil field.

Power Station

If you're looking for a showdown though then the Old Barn might be a good shout. It's a shame that you the roof panels don't actually have holes in them so you can see inside the structure but it looks neat nonetheless.

Old Barn

As mentioned above I think these would be great for use with post-apocalyptic wasteland adventures but also during something more modern in the vast stretches of forgotten land you get in America. The whole place looks like it would be good for a horror movie or zombie apocalpyse.

Last but not least we have that all important scatter terrain and cover with some Rusty Barricades...

Rusty Barricades

I like that they come in a variety of different heights and lengths giving you the look of ramshackle and hasty construction. Now you just need some guard dogs or mutant grunts to come bounding out of there.

Maybe this place could even be for a biker gang showdown?

What do you think of this new range?

"The Diner in particular has a place for a sniper on the roof too watching out for anyone trying to pilfer his or her goods..."

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