Celebrate Fat Thursday With Micro Art & Their Limited Edition Doughnuteria!

February 8, 2018 by brennon

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Available ONLY for today, Micro Art Studio has produced an awesome terrain piece for your games of Wolsung inspired by Fat Thursday. Chow down at the Doughnuteria!


Fat Thursday is a chance to get stuck into some lovely things that you'll be giving up for Lent, celebrated liberally in Poland. They tend to lean towards doughnuts, therefore heralding the inspired terrain you see above.


The terrain piece will, as mentioned above, only be available for today. So, if you want one of these to adorn your tabletop then you're going to have to head on over and snap it up before they all vanish!

Iron Fencing

Another kit released today is the Iron Fence Set. This might be useful as you try and stop the hordes rushing your doughnut store!

Iron Fence Set - Micro Art Studio

It comes with all manner of sections that allow you to either create fenced off areas of the tabletop or just to run alongside the side of roads to add a bit more cover for you to duck behind.

Iron Fence Set (Scale) - Micro Art Studio

A fenced off compound sounds like the right set-up for this type of terrain to me. You can then try and plot your way in, or just use your mystical abilities and leap over the top!

Will you be picking up a Doughnuteria?

"Chow down at the Doughnuteria!"

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