Construct A Castle With New Dwarven Forge Scheme

June 4, 2019 by brennon

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Dwarven Forge has put together a new scheme which allows you to get stuck in and use their new Castle terrain in whichever way you like. Will you be diving in to Construct A Castle?

Contrast A Castle #1 - Dwarven Forge

The Construct A Castle system allows you to customise and tweak each aspect of the castle to suit your needs. You can start off with the walls (of course), giving you some options for deciding just how big this is going to be. Is it going to be a small fort in the mountains or a vast citadel that is yours to explore?

Contrast A Castle #2 - Dwarven Forge

As with everything that Dwarven Forge create, these sections can be assembled in all sorts of different ways. Once locked together they create these stunning pieces of terrain for both wargaming and role-playing purposes.

Beyond the walls, you also have the corner sets which give you the towers which will act as defensive positions...

Contrast A Castle #3 - Dwarven Forge

...and then you have the pre-built and unique pieces of terrain. These are the options that will serve as the focal point for your castle-based adventures. You could have your warriors battling through a castle filled with skeletons before they attempt to fight through the tower and slay the necromancer within.

Contrast A Castle #4 - Dwarven Forge

All of this is entirely customisable and can be tweaked to the way YOU want things to look. It's not cheap but Dwarven Forge is something that a lot of us would love to have in our collection. Maybe a little fort might be the right place to start?

What do you think of their Construct A Castle system?

"Maybe a little fort might be the right place to start?"

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