Deep-Cut Studio Lay Down New Roads For Your Tabletops

January 2, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off some new Roads that they've been tinkering with which make it a little easier to get those gaming tables together. Their two new options including Cobblestone and Tarmac allowing you to cover all sorts of genres and time periods.

Tarmac & Cobblestone Roads - Deep Cut Studio

Each of the different sets comes with six foot of road for you to play around with. The material is easily cut with a blade or scissors allowing you to craft road sections dependant on your needs. As well as the length of straight road you also get two half-circle pieces which can be used to create corners and more.

Road #1 - Deep Cut Studio

Of course, the Tarmac option could be used for your more modern and Sci-Fi games. It would give you a nice place to focus the attention of vehicles as they see an easy way to cross the battlefield. A perfect place to lay an ambush or a few mines.

You've also got the Cobblestone option which would be good for your Fantasy and Historical adventures on the tabletop.

Road #2 - Deep Cut Studio

This seems like it would be good for those who are laying out a set of city streets rather than a road which trundles through the countryside. You could flank the road with a few houses and maybe even use a few strips to make a town square or two as well.

There are plenty of hobby options available from Deep-Cut right now and it is worth diving into their collection to see what else they have on the cards.

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"There are plenty of hobby options available from Deep-Cut right now..."

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