Check Out Deep-Cuts New Pre-Painted Fantasy Houses

November 13, 2019 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off some new terrain which is dropping from the team. This is a new set of five different Pre-Painted Fantasy Houses which will be ready-to-use on the tabletop for an array of different games.

Fantasy Houses #1 - Deep-Cut

Each of the buildings is made out of high-quality resin and comes handpainted to this level of quality that you see here which I think it pretty damn good. I would be very happy to add these into the mix alongside other pieces of pre-painted terrain in order to create quick and easy battlefields.

Fantasy House Scale - Deep-Cut

The different buildings are suited to use in 28mm and 32mm wargames and have that nice quirky look which would be perfect for a lot of different Fantasy games out there at the moment. Using these as the core of your skirmishing tabletops would be a lot of fun and you could make a case for them being good obstacles to manoeuvre around in mass battle games too.

Fantasy House Scale Alt - Deep-Cut

There are a range of different buildings for you to pick up and they all have a similar style to them. You could very easily go in and repaint some of the roof sections if you wanted but I think overall these have been well painted and then well-weathered too!

Are you tempted to pick up some of these new buildings?

"I think overall these have been well painted and then well-weathered too!"

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