Delve into the Catacombs with Dwarven Forge

September 14, 2012 by brennon

Dwarven Forge (an excellent name I might add!) have a pre-order up for a mighty Catacomb Set perfect for your dungeon delving! Check out some of the ways to put it together, and the kit itself below...

Dwarven Forge Catacomb Set

Catacombs Set Up #1

Catacombs Set Up #2

Catacombs Set Up #3

It certainly makes a change from the basic maps or grid paper we gamers tend to use! As if the actual terrain wasn't enough, the set also includes 4 battery operated 'flickering torches' to add some extra atmosphere to your dungeon.

Of course this is one of those sets that is going to set you back a fair bit, but maybe if an entire gaming group joined in on the buy it wouldn't be so bad? It does look fantastic though, and with a fair few different combinations it could be re-used for different dungeons or mixed in with other games entirely.

What do you think folks?

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