Demo’s New Laser-Cut MDF Terrain

January 13, 2012 by brennon

Some great terrain from Demo's Laser-Cut Designs in the shape of some Sci-Fi and modern day parts for your ruined cityscapes.

Marquee Building Topper and Letters

The first is a great building topper which you can also put special cut letters too, adding to your buildings with crazy industrial lettering.

Marquee Pieces

And here is the unassembled and unpainted pieces which you can get from them. As well as this are a few new objective markers. The first is an antenna which could be mounted atop buildings or stand alone.


Pretty snazzy, and automatically thought about using it as a pieces of Necromunda terrain to mark an objective!

Sewer Pack

Some more additional terrain pieces here in the form of sewer parts, adding a bit more character to your boards and great for objectives.

Loving this MDF terrain? Going to pick some up for yourselves?

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