Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition Woodhaven Kickstarter Now Live!

May 4, 2021 by brennon

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Archon Studio is now live on Kickstarter with the third edition of their Dungeons & Lasers project. This time around, the team at Archon are heading to the town of Woodhaven to craft a catch-all set of modular terrain for roleplaying gamers and skirmish wargamers.

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven - Archon Studio May

Check Out Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven On Kickstarter

Much like their previous campaigns, the terrain that you're getting from Archon is designed to work well for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Each tile is gridded but the finish on each piece also means it would work for more freeform roleplaying and/or skirmish games too.

The terrain for the third edition is based around the town of Woodhaven where you'll be able to build houses, shops, taverns, town streets and the sewer which worms its way beneath the city streets. All of this is modular which means that you can dive in, tinker and change each piece dependant on what you need for a given encounter.

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven Terrain Themes

Each of the sets in this Kickstarter can be broken down into themes. This means that you can choose multiple themes and core sets or just stick with the one that works best for you.

Dungeons & Lasers Themes - Archon Studio

Dungeons & Lasers Themes // Archon Studio

You get absolutely loads of interesting pieces of terrain in this Kickstarter which can be crafted to make a superb tabletop. I really like the pieces that make up the watery sewers and I reckon they would be a perfect place for one of those initial encounters. I also like the modular roof sections that you get which can be applied to a variety of buildings in the set.

As you can see, each of the different sets can be built as individual buildings or as part of a large complex of streets, dungeons and interiors. You can also layer certain sections on top of each other to make a proper 3D dungeon.

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven Miniatures

As well as the terrain, you can also pick up a range of miniatures in hard plastic and 28mm scale that you can use for your roleplaying games.

Townsfolk Starter Set - Archon Studio

Townsfolk Starter Set // Archon Studio

As you can see, this set comes with all manner of Guards for you to bump in whilst battling terrible monsters and some NPCs. I really like this set of miniatures as they would be perfect for packing out a tavern! You could have adventure seeds tied to each of them and see where the player heroes go.

The fearsome dragons are also back for this new campaign. If you're looking for a foe that is threatening the town of Woodhaven, I reckon these would work well.

Dragons - Archon Studio May

Dragons // Archon Studio

My favourite is probably Freyr but I also really like Origon who brings together a look and feel from the Far East. These are going to tower over the miniatures in your collection and provide you with an absolutely epic-looking clash on the tabletop. I would love for my Dungeon Master to drop a monster like this on the tabletop.

Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven Stretch Goals

Finally, we also have the initial layout of stretch goals coming up for Dungeons & Lasers.

Woodhaven Stretch Goals - Archon Studio

Woodhaven Stretch Goals // Archon Studio

This is just the beginning of the offerings from Archon and I am sure we'll see many, many more get unlocked as the campaign progresses.

Check Out Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven On Kickstarter

As we've mentioned before, we had a lot of fun with the last two Dungeons & Lasers terrain and it helped us build an excellent HeroQuest board. I'm sure lots of roleplaying fans will be looking to pick this up.

Are you going to be backing this campaign? If so, let us know in the comments below!

"...the terrain that you're getting from Archon is designed to work well for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder"

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