Exclusive! PlastCraft Games Show Off ALEPH Inspired ColorED Terrain

January 18, 2019 by brennon

The team at PlastCraft Games have given us an awesome exclusive to show off today as they are close to releasing new ColorED terrain for use on your Infinity tabletops. These new pieces are inspired by ALEPH and are an addition to their Designed For Infinity range.


The range is entirely pre-coloured and once assembled is ready to use on your tabletops. This entire set here features not only their printed foam PVC and MDF elements but also methacrylate pieces which help add to that Sci-Fi look.

The first element we're looking at here are the Quantronic Emitters which work as a nerve station on the various planets that ALEPH have taken control of.

ALEPH Terrain #1 - Plast Craft Games

Its banks of computers and such would be the perfect nerve centre for someone to launch an attack on with hackers trying to find their way inside so they can take it all offline.

Next up we have the Underground Lab entrance pieces which show you some of the ways in which you can add both access and retreat points to the tabletop.

ALEPH Terrain #2 - Plast Craft Games

This central aspect of the tabletop shown off above comes with some of the larger wall sections that you can see in the background of the picture too. It gives you a quite defensible location and, as mentioned above, a place where your ALEPH reinforcements could spring from at a moments notice.

Some of the other smaller pieces that you can see here are from the upcoming Quantronic Transmission Centre, shown below.

ALEPH Terrain #3 - Plast Craft Games

Again we're seeing them work away on smaller elements of the tabletop which help to make it all feel both busy and functional. I like that you're not just getting singularly large terrain pieces (although those are nice) as often it's the smaller pieces which make the most difference.

As well as being great for adding character to a tabletop they are also great for those wanting to hunker down in cover!

Talking of larger terrain elements, we also have this awesome close up of the Quantronic Data Bank which could act as the hub of activity on the tabletop.

ALEPh Terrain #4 - Plast Craft Games

You can really see how PlastCraft Games have been able to combine all of their different terrain elements together to create something which isn't just a foam box! Adding in curves and different support structures has made these terrain pieces pop, perfect for a narrative and cinematic heavy game like Infinity.

Last but not least we have the Quantronic Transmission Centre.

ALEPh Terrain #5 - Plast Craft Games

Now, this is going to be the major piece for anyone wanting to establish ALEPH dominance on the tabletop. You can see you are able to play around inside the piece which is awesome, fighting your way to the top so that you can stop the signal and bring the ALEPH system down!

The entire range...

  • Quantronic Data Bank
  • Black-Ops Room
  • Quantronic Emitters
  • Quantronic Transmission Center
  • Underground Lab

...will all be available in early February so watch this space! I can already think of a lot of Infinity players who would love to get their hands on this stuff.

Which is your favourite terrain piece from the set?

"Adding in curves and different support structures has made these terrain pieces pop..."

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