Explore The Elven City Of Ethilia With New 3D Printable Terrain

June 5, 2019 by cassn

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The towering white city of Ethilia is a wonder to behold. Although now quite cosmopolitan its architecture is still very much rooted in the tradition of its original builders, the elves.

The mystical city of Ethilia is a bustling hub of traders, crafters, builders, bakers, blacksmiths, and the families and workers who make up this high-elven cosmopolis. The city, surrounded by its distinctive high walls and foreboding towers, is home to rich and poor alike - a fantastical metropolis which is as diverse as it is beautiful.


Now you can own the key buildings of this magical city, as Black Magic Pixels announce their range of 3D printable STL files suitable for home printing!


The Ethilia files are supportless and can be easily scaled for a range of miniature games and scenarios, allowing players to gain quality terrain with minimum effort.


There are a range of buildings included in the package; The Simple House, The Craftsman's House, The Large House, The Mansion, and The Towers And Walls. There is also a range of stretch goals which will hopefully be released as the Kickstarter progresses, including Barracks, a Monastery, and even fully-modeled interiors!


Although the city of Ethilia is meant to be fantasy, I personally think the high-elven design provides a fairytale quality which distinguishes it from other fantasy terrain sets. While the terrain is great for fantasy wargaming, I also think these buildings would be perfect for a dark fairy or folk tale setting for an RPG.


So if your adventuring party needs to regroup beneath Ethilia's wonderous walls, or if you think the city isn't everything it seems, you can head over to Black Magic Pixel's campaign page and check out the terrain now!

Will your warband be visiting the city of Ethilia? Tell us what you think! 

"A fantastical metropolis!"

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