Fat Dragon Games Brings Forth Dragonbite Terrain Upgrade

November 2, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Fat Dragon Games has put out an announcement that they are in the process of upgrading their Dragonlock Terrain System to the Dragonlock Ultimate.

Whereas before you had to lift each terrain piece and push in a connecting clip from the underside, which at times can get a little unwieldy as the pieces get bigger.

Now with the Dragonlock Ultimate, you get these clips that look like back to back U's or a dragon's mouths that you push into the sides of the terrain pieces and snap them into place. This should make assembly of bigger pieces easier to manage.

If you are not familiar with Dragonlock terrain, it is a system of terrain pieces that you get as .stl files to print at home on your 3D printer. This allows you to print what you need and how much. Watch for my upcoming articles on 3D printing as I will have examples of this system.

The world of 3D printing is very exciting and the future looks even brighter. Why not try some 3D printing for yourself!

Have you been bitten by the 3D printing bug?

"...you get these clips that look like back to back U's or a dragon's mouths"

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