Explore A Forgotten City With Gale Force 9’s New Terrain

March 12, 2020 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine shared more terrain that is in the works for their growing Battlefield In A Box range. This time we're heading into the desert with their Forgotten City collection. Fancy heading to explore the land of the mummies?

Forgotten City - Pharohs Gate - Gale Force Nine

As with all of the terrain from the Battlefield In A Box range, it is pre-painted and effectively ready-to-use on the tabletop. You might need to do some work on the base but they usually give you the bits and pieces you need to do that. In this case, it seems like everything has been finished for you so you simply need to break the terrain out of the box and drop it onto the tabletop.

Here is more from this range which is going to be releasing later this year...

Forgotten City Buried Ruin - Gale Force Nine

Forgotten City Fallen Colossus - Gale Force Nine

Forgotten City Lost Temple - Gale Force Nine

This particular range has been designed to work with 28/32mm miniatures and would be rather nice if you're looking to take the fight to a blasted land which is now haunted by the undead. It would be rather good for Fantasy gaming of course but it could also work with some Pulp adventures too if you so desired.

Forgotten City Obelisks & Pillars - Gale Force Nine

Forgotten City Riddling Sphinxes - Gale Force Nine

Forgotten City Silent Sphinx - Gale Force Nine

The Battlefield In A Box range has got plenty of terrain which works for more classic Fantasy settings which are akin to Europe, so this is a nice way to expand upon that and take us to a different environment. It's not going to suit everyone's armies because of all that sand but it would look very striking indeed arrayed on an undulating landscape of dunes.

Also, you could totally use this for delves into ancient tombs and such in a Fantasy RPG too. It would be a nice change of scene to take your D&D campaign to somewhere more Egyptian in theme.

What do you make of this new terrain?

"It would be a nice change of scene to take your D&D campaign to somewhere more Egyptian in theme..."

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