Gale Force Nine Add Tar Rivers & Pits As Tabletop Hazards

August 21, 2020 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has a few new terrain pieces coming out for their Battlefield In A Box range. They are playing with Tar and Toxic sludge with their terrain, all of which could be used for Fantasy settings or perhaps something a bit post-apocalyptic.

Toxic River - Gale Force Nine

Toxic River // Gale Force Nine

The first two entries into the collection are the Toxic River and Tar River, each of which are bubbling with menace and would no doubt be a terrible way to go if you were to fall in. I like the idea of using these has hazards below walkways and ruined buildings that your characters are trying to avoid at all costs!

Tar River - Gale Force Nine

Tar River // Gale Force Nine

If you were to use these in your mass battle games I would say that these would work well as narrative scenic elements. You could have them slow down your units as they march forward and maybe even act as pits of death, sucking them to an inky black demise.

You could maybe even do something historical with these too and have this be the landscape where your hunters are looking for prehistoric prey!

Tar Pits - Gale Force Nine

Tar Pits  // Gale Force Nine

The bubbles and the sheen of the terrain is a really great touch as well; a good way to make it pop on the tabletop without having to do anything when it comes to painting. I like that there are even some 'popped' bubbles here and there which are descending back into the sludge.

Are you tempted to pick up these new pieces from Gale Force Nine?

"Are you tempted to pick up these new pieces from Gale Force Nine?"

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