GameMat.Eu’s Ace Kill Team Chem-Zone Terrain Now Available

September 4, 2018 by brennon

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You might have seen some previews of this in the past but the new GameMat.Eu Chem-Zone Terrain is now available for you to buy from their webstore!

Chem-Zone Terrain #1

The terrain from GameMat.Eu is completely ready to go once you break it out of the packaging. All of the terrain is finished and painted to a tabletop standard making it perfect for someone who wants to avoid having to paint anything at all and just dive straight into the gaming.

Available on the website right now you'll find their Chem-Zone Complete Set which contains all of the goodies that you see above.

Chem-Zone Complete Set - GameMatEu

This should provide you with enough large pieces of blocking terrain and of course objects which would work as blocking terrain on the tabletop.

It's Gonna Blow!

The Gas Tanks, for example, seem to me like the perfect place to focus your attention around as a Daemonic or Tyranid force is trying to poison the supplies in the city!

Chem-Zone Gas Tanks Set - GameMatEu

These could then be tied into a narrative with some of the other terrain from the set.

Seal The Pipeline!

If you picked up the Chem-Zone Conduits you could use them as pipelines that one team had to sabotage.

Chem-Zone Conduit Set - GameMatEu

Since the set comes with a few different broken ends for the pipes you get that narrative battlefield that I've talked about before with terrain. Suddenly you change those endings for broken ones and you've got noxious fumes filling the battlefield and poisoning everyone nearby!

Dive For Cover!

The Container Set is the one which provides you with the cover that you need on the table. If you picked up a few of these you could create some very interesting lanes of fire for your soldiers to get trapped in AND of course set up ambushes!

Chem-Zone Container Set - GameMatEu

The yellow containers can also be obtained in a metallic finish instead if you would prefer but I personally like the yellow as it is poppier and stands out against the generally grimdark setting of Warhammer 40,000.

Chem-Zone Terrain #2

Adding the all-important scatter terrain to the proceedings we also have a smaller set which comes with the array of connecting pieces that you'll have seen in the above images.

Chem-Zone Scatter Set - GameMatEu

This Scatter Set provides you with more of those objective markers that I've talked about before. You can use those Control Stations for turning off the pipes and overloading the system, and of course, where there are barrels there are explosives!!!

Imagine setting it up so that the yellow barrels can be shot so that they explode in a small radius only to be replaced by the silver ones when they've gone off. The Ammo Boxes are just begging to be searched as well to find cool technology which your characters can then use in the course of their mission.

All of this terrain that you see here has been shown off on one of the very nice GameMat.Eu mats. The Chem-Zone Mat acts as a great backdrop to this terrain and even comes with a place where the pipes and such would go...which makes me very happy indeed.

4x4 Chem Zone Mat - GameMatEu

This current mat (linked above) is sized at 4x4 making it a great choice for someone looking to play a game like Kill Team which requires a smaller playing space. This mat would also work for something like Necromunda too, which was one of the original intentions for this design.

Chem-Zone Terrain #3

Whatever you choose to do with this terrain you have a set which would be great for objective based play. Anything that promotes an ongoing story unfolding on the tabletop is good in my books and this has that quality.

As well as considering this terrain for the likes of Kill Team you might also want to look to a game like Deadzone from Mantic Games as it would fit into the same mould for sure!

What kind of scenarios would you build out of this terrain?

" get that narrative battlefield that I've talked about before with terrain"

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