Get Lost In Warcradle Scenic’s Creepy Funland Terrain

September 2, 2019 by brennon

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Warcradle Scenics has introduced a new range of terrain for those who want to get utterly creeped out. Check out the Funland range which seems like the terrifying place you get to killed by clowns or animated attractions.

Funland Terrain - Warcradle

Currently, the Funland set has five different terrain elements to it which cover the likes of rides through to incidental scatter terrain like fences, kiosks and the like. All of this is scaled to 28mm so it would be a bloody good shoo-in for zombie survival games like The Walking Dead.

Funland Terrain #3 - Warcradle

I think if you got some creepers and other vegetation across these rides you could create a terrifying haunted theme park for your players to have fun in. If you wanted to step beyond the zombie idea then you could have it be the place for a showdown in a Modern setting where your team has to navigate the crowds to hunt down a deadly criminal.

Funland Terrain #4 - Warcradle

I could imagine a good bout of cops and robbers being played out here for example. Beyond that, there's also the chance to throw this into the mix for a superhero showdown too. There are plenty of games out there where your caped crusaders could clash with nefarious villains.

Funland Terrain #2 - Warcradle

All I could really think of when I saw this terrain though was how cool it would be to use it to re-create the theme park from Left 4 Dead. You could have your team of survivors trying to race from one side to the other whilst being chased by terrifying zombies.

Just make sure you put some bloody handprints here and there...maybe on those clown faces.

What do you make of the new terrain?

"Just make sure you put some bloody handprints here and there...maybe on those clown faces..."

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