Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield In A Box Gets More Gothic

March 9, 2020 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine has a bunch of news to share from this week and we start off with more from their Battlefield In A Box range. If you're a fan of the grimdark future then you'll want to check out their new Gothic architecture which will be arriving soon.

Gothic Industrial Small Corner

Coming soon, you'll be able to get your hands on a selection of Corner pieces for the larger Gothic Industrial range. Each of the pieces comes entirely pre-painted meaning all you have to do is plonk it on the battlefield and it's ready to go. You could go in with weathering sprays if you like but they seem pretty darn good as standard.

Gothic Industrial Medium Corner

The Corner pieces range from small through to medium (above) and large which is below. So, if you've got towering monsters or entire squads you want to drop into cover, you've got the ability to do so with this range.

Gothic Industrial Large Corner

Importantly, this would mean that you've got some good line-of-sight blocking terrain which is key, especially during deployment. Interestingly, I think it would be also good to use these in a much more close-knit way in order to create a warren of ruins for your kill teams and underhive gangs.

Additionally, you've also got the Gothic Industrial Pillars set which gives you the framework for some buildings which have been utterly destroyed. These would work to produce the skeleton of a building which spans from corner ruin to corner ruin. That way you give the footprint of a larger complex.

Gothic Industrial Pillars

I really like the Battlefield In A Box range and just wish that they'd bring back some of the range from times gone by, namely their collections of Fantasy trees in 28mm! I do like their existing range though and think I might snap some up for use in Oathmark when I get it to the tabletop.

Are you going to be snapping up this terrain when it releases?

"Are you going to be snapping up this terrain when it releases?"

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