Build A Gothic Mansion With Mantic’s TerrainCrate Sets

May 18, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has got a load of new TerrainCrate sets for you to pre-order ahead of their release on the 24th May. You can get the guts of a terrifying Fantasy Gothic Manor that could equally be the site of a horrific Pulp adventure packed with zombies too!

Gothic Manor - Mantic Games

Gothic Manor // Mantic Games

At the core of the release is the Gothic Manor set itself which seems like a fitting place for a vampire to call home. It comes with a lot of different pieces, thirty-five to be exact. This collection that you see above isn't even going to put a dent in what you get.

All of the terrain from the TerrainCreate series is unpainted plastic when it comes out of the box but it is pretty much ready to use if you just want to dump it down into a dungeon-crawler setting. I think this is some of the best stuff Mantic has made in the last few years, especially if you're a terrain fiend like Lloyd or Warren.

Graveyards & Twisted Forests

As well as the interior of the Gothic Manor, you can also design up the land outside it too. What manor would be complete without the addition of a spooky Graveyard...

Graveyard - Mantic Games

Graveyard // Mantic Games

...or perhaps a twisted and inviting forest set amongst the Gothic Grounds?

Gothic Grounds - Mantic Games

Gothic Grounds // Mantic Games

The Graveyard set comes with eighteen additional plastic pieces which can be used to make a terrifying showdown with the undead whilst Gothic Grounds offers up ten pieces, most of which you can see in the image above. I like that you could get these painted up pretty quickly with a big brush and have them ready to go sharpish. I do occasionally like painting terrain...just not often.

Exploring The Gothic Manor

You might also find yourself taking refuge deep within the bowels of the manor. If so, you might find yourself wandering through the halls and rooms as you explore the Servant's Quarters!

Servants Quarters - Mantic Games

Servant's Quarters // Mantic Games

This could also be a good excuse to venture down to the Bathroom & Kitchen in search of supplies or just somewhere to hole up away from the ghosts.

Bathroom & Kitchen - Mantic Games

Bathroom & Kitchen // Mantic Games

The folks at Mantic really have thought of everything when it comes to what you might need in your haunted abode. I like the idea that you could paint these up as brand spanking new pieces as you see here or make them dirty and horrible, ruined by time. I want to splash rust and rot over everything!

Are you liking this new bundle of terrain from the folks at Mantic Games?

"The folks at Mantic really have thought of everything when it comes to what you might need in your haunted abode..."

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