Help Battle Systems Build Bridges In New Kickstarter Campaign

July 4, 2019 by brennon

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Battle Systems are looking towards lots more unlocks as part of their Kickstarter Campaign as they unlocked the rather epic Water Mill recently!

Water Mill - Battle Systems

The Water Mill is another of their dynamic looking buildings which is packed with all sorts of quirky bits and bobs. As well as the awesome looking open roof section it has lots of interior detail and even a space for the mill wheel which dips into the river. The surrounding walkways also make for great places for a skirmish as you end up pushing people into rivers!

Water Mill In Game - Battle Systems

This, of course, means that you can really get stuck into creating some cool tabletops as you combine rivers and waterways alongside inland battlefields. A river causes all sorts of problems and you have to think differently when it comes to your tactics!

Back For The Bridge

Another awesome bit of news from the team at Battle Systems was that if they reach 1205 backers by midnight on Monday 8th July then all backers will get themselves a Bridge for free!

Bridge Backer Goal - Battle Systems

The last campaign they ran got to 1204 backers so they're hoping to knock this milestone over and offer up something fun for you as they do. The bridge itself also looks fantastic and I want to immediately set up some bandits or highwaymen, ready to rob a warband blind. Well, either that or throw a troll under it!

Will you be getting stuck in on the Battle Systems Kickstarter?

"I want to immediately set up some bandits or highwaymen, ready to rob a warband blind..."

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