Hide Important Clues In Thomarillion’s New Cupboard

August 7, 2013 by brennon

While it might not be the most important addition to your terrain collection it always pays to have a myriad of furniture on offer for changing up role-play collections. See what you think of Thomarillion's Living Room Cupboard...

Living Room Cupboard (Un-Painted)

Living Room Cupboard (Painted)

As I mentioned, it probably isn't the first thing you thought of but these guys do do some awesome pieces of little terrain for adding a lived in feeling to your dungeons and other encounters.

It's quite a nice piece actually, for what it is, and if you could find some additional bits and pieces like potions and scrolls you could easily make it into a wizards stash.

Maybe those little glass windows contain specimens! It's all in the imagination!

What do you think?

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