Impudent Mortal Launches Rylos Spaceport Preorder

October 23, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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Impudent Mortal has taken to the stars with their latest line of MDF awesomeness- Spaceport Rylos!

Any fan of sci-fi should love this set as it has all of the favorites from buildings to vehicles and all the little bells and whistles in between.

Rylos is running as a 30-day preorder, which means you can get a hold of this out of the world spaceport SOON! Impudent Mortal will fill the orders in the order they are received and there are incentives along the way for the preorders:

Free dropship with orders over $300

Add a fully colored, 4x4 neoprene mat for $30.99 or $24.99 with a full table purchase

25% discount on shipping outside the US for orders over $150 and 50% discount on shipping for orders over $300

But enough of that...take a look at the cool stuff in this set!

There's buildings with great details inside and out, spaceships and dropships, billboards, trucks and loads of incidental scatter.

I know I say this a lot, but it always amazes me the level of detail these companies are able to achieve with MDF.

Will you be bringing Rylos to a planet near you?

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