Introducing Tenfold Dungeon by Room 17 Games

January 23, 2019 by dracs

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Sam sits down with Anders and Ricard from Room 17 Games to showcase their newest kickstarter coming on the 4th of February; Tenfold Dungeon.

Introducting Tenfold Dungeon by Room 17 Games

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Are you a bidding dungeon master with great ideas, enthusiastic players but formidable terrain? Tenfold Dungeon may be the answer to your prayers as the guys from Room 17 Games have designed an amazing modular dungeon, village and sewer set for their roleplaying games.

With the Tenfold Dungeon you can arrange your boxes in many varying ways to suit your needs and emmerse your players into a fantastic journey, holding the boxes together with neat little door clips you'll be setting up and playing within seconds.

What scenarios would you brew up for these games? I'd love to make a revolving labyrinth where the rooms constantly move every minute.

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