Become King Of The Castle With New Battle Systems Unlock!

July 17, 2019 by brennon

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So, Battle Systems may have blown through more stretch goals as they close in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter Campaign. This time, they have unlocked the massive Citadel which could work as the defensive position where some of your townsfolk have taken refuge, or a ruin ready for exploration!

Castle - Battle Systems

The large new terrain set covers around 22"/56cm square and comes with four feet/120cm of curtain wall to boot. It is a pretty massive structure and works as it's own pledge option for those that want to pick up a Fantasy tabletop full of terrain. It will come with all of the unlocked free stretch goals and individual components can also be picked up separately.

Citadel Unlocked - Battle Systems

It looks very impressive indeed and I think it would be great for those that like adventuring through old castles and setting up sieges! It's great that the walls and towers are playable too with room for you to set up your beleaguered defenders as the enemy masses outside.

I think it would be rather fun to have the castle now overrun with undead so your heroes have to try and fight through the main gate, destroying hordes of skeletons as they go. Then, they have to descend down into the dungeons below the castle, using some of the additional Battle Systems terrain, to find and kill the Necromancer responsible!

Will you be getting yourself that massive Citadel?

" would be great for those that like adventuring through old castles and setting up sieges!"

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